Linarit develops its own Industrial Internet of Things systems primarily for the energy industry using Low Power Wide Area technologies.

Linarit's end-to-end solutions include digitizing the physical phenomenon in the field, delivering them to the cloud via LPWAN networks, analyzing the data, presenting the generated information and actionable insights to users.

We are always hiring talented engineers for our IIoT projects;

Embedded Systems Experts

Bare metal firmware development; Expert level C programming; Static and Dynamic analysis; Signal processing; Schematic and layout designing is a plus.

Front End Developer

Responsive web development; HTML, CSS, Javascript, React; HTTP, JSON, Restful API/SOAP; Data visualization tools.

Back End Developers

Python or Rust or Go; Time-series and relational databases; Microservice architecture, IaaS, PaaS; Linux literacy.

Test Engineers

Preparing test plans, Automated test tools development; Embedded systems, back end services and user tools testing; Function and Performance related tests.

Embedded System Integration Experts

Development on Linux Kernel internals such as device drivers, networking stack and POSIX compatibility. Embedded system integration tools Buildroot, OpenEmbedded, Yocto etc. Good knowledge of shell scripting and Makefiles. Knowledge of IEEE 802.11 & IEEE 802.15.4 protocol families is a plus.

Please do not hesitate to apply if you have knowledge, experience or even just interest

You can send your resume to, apply via or LinkedIn